The Bible says in Luke 1:78 “A new day will dawn on us because our God is loving and merciful.”  Next weekend we are going to start a seven-week spiritual growth emphasis called “The Miracle of Mercy”.  During this series of messages and small group meetings we will focus on understanding how merciful God really and because of that we don’t have to be afraid of God.  When you understand the mercy of God your anxiety will decrease and your peace of mind will increase.  Your stress will go down and your stability will go up.  Your frustration in life will be diminished and your satisfaction in life will be increased.

Mercy is defined as: “undeserved forgiveness and unearned kindness.”  When somebody forgives you and you don’t deserve it, that’s mercy.  When somebody shows you a kindness that you have not earned, that’s called mercy.  The Bible says that God wants to show you mercy.  The air you breathe is from the mercy of God.  The water you drink is from the mercy of God.  Everything you have for life is because God is a merciful God.  If God hadn’t wanted to love you and show you his mercy your heart wouldn’t be beating right now and you wouldn’t be taking breath.  Everything in your life is a gift of the mercy of God.

In the Bible there are about a hundred different examples of when God says he wants to show you mercy in different areas of our lives.  Jesus’ ministry was all about mercy.  In fact, he showed mercy to everybody.  There’s no person he did not show mercy to – that includes you and me! 

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