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Needless to say, Karon and I were completely blown away by the incredible celebration of our 25th Anniversary you guys blessed us with last weekend! It was fantastic in virtually every way! We have never had a weekend like that in our entire 39-year ministry journey! Your unbelievable gifts, words of encouragement, and the celebration of what God has done over the past 25 years was such a blessing to us! Though it seems woefully inadequate, we say a heartfelt “Thank you!” for every expression of encouragement, and the amazing gifts and celebrations!
It was wonderful for all of my siblings to be here as well! We are blessed with an amazing family, and to celebrate these special moments together is a great thing!
This weekend, I am continuing the “Trip Advisor” sermon series we began the first weekend of this month. This series takes you through the nation of Israel to places Karon and I take those who travel with us to in this amazing land. We started at the Mt. of Beatitudes, where I shared a message from the Sermon on the Mount. This weekend, we are going to take you to the Sea of Galilee, a place where so many teachings and miracles took place, and I will share a message entitled “Becoming a Person of Great Faith!”   
Make plans to be in worship and bring a friend with you this weekend - Saturday 6:00 p.m.Sunday 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
This Sunday, June 17th, is Father’s Day, and we wish all of our dad’s a “Happy Father’s Day!” My dad has been with Jesus for over 49 years now and, even though he has been gone for a long time, I still miss him! He was a true man of God, and he loved my mom and all five of his children in an extraordinary way! Every day, he continues to influence my values, attitude and life in profound ways!
This weekend, there will be a biscuits and gravy breakfast before each of the two Sunday morning services, and refreshments following the Saturday evening service. Make sure you are at The Grace Place this weekend. We know you will enjoy it tremendously!


Please consider joining us as often as you can for our Friday prayer time in the Lobby of the Celebration Center @ 6:00 a.m.  We are praying together for God to do things that only He can do.  There have already been a number of very specific answers to the prayers this group has prayed!  On Saturday's @ 4:00 p.m., we are meeting in the Lobby of the Celebration Center for our Prayer Circles prayer time.  Please join us and become a part of what God is doing and is going to do through the ministries of The Grace Place Church!!  We will look forward to seeing you next Friday morning or Saturday afternoon!