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This weekend, The Craguns will be here in concert for all three services! You will not want to miss this time of celebrating God’s amazing blessings through music that will lift His name in worship and praise. Invite your friends to join you and be uplifted by their dynamic music ministry. We bring these groups in to encourage us in our faith and help us focus on who God is and how He wants to work in our lives! 

As part of our Summer Fun Month, we are calling this our Country Weekend! Following each of the services, RokNWtr will be serving frozen treats. We will also have a petting farm zoo (10:00-11:00am), and a trackless train and pony rides (noon-1:00pm). Don't miss the fun this weekend!



Last weekend, I started a new sermon series entitled “Resilience!” Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” when we go through tough places in life. It is God giving us the inner strength to get back up and keep on going no matter what we are going through.  

In each service, following The Craguns concert, I will share a brief message entitled “Resilient Faith!” All of us deal with challenges and circumstances that can shake our faith. God wants to challenge us to have a faith that does not fail!   

As we continue to follow recommended “social distancing” guidelines, we have closed off every other row of seats and we request that you put two empty seats between you and anyone not living in your house. If you are uncomfortable being in the Celebration Center, we offer two other options during our regular service times - Saturday at 6:00pm, Sunday at 9:00am & 11:00am. You may listen to the service live on FM 96.9 while in your car in our parking lot; or, you may join us live online at www.thegraceplace.com/watch. We look forward to seeing you!!



If you are a recent attendee, or have been attending our church for a while and never attended the “Introduction to The Grace Place” class, I invite you to join me this Sunday, July 12th, at 12:30 p.m. (this is a new time) in the Connection Center Classroom. In this class, I will introduce you to The Grace Place’s history, church culture, vision and values. This class will enable you to understand our church in a more comprehensive way. As I frequently say, “You will learn more about The Grace Place in 90 minutes than you will in 10 years of just attending on the weekends.” We will be serving lunch too, so come hungry!  



Thursdays at 4:00pm - Join us in the Celebration Center Prayer Room as we pray over specific prayer requests and for our church.

Fridays at 6:00am - Join Pastor Rick in the church lobby, and become part of what God is doing through the ministries of The Grace Place!

Saturdays at 4:00pm - Join us in the church lobby as we pray for God’s resources, expansion of our ministries, and spiritual impact.
We look forward to seeing you next Thursday afternoon, Friday morning or Saturday afternoon!