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The past few weeks have been characterized by fear, terror, reaction, and some level of near insanity as concerns over the coronavirus continue to increase. These are uncommon days when fear can wear down even the most courageous, positive, and level-headed Christ-follower. The constant bombardment of messages with “Breaking News” is exhausting to absorb, and there is no way to escape it.
Candidly, we should not escape it. COVID-19 virus is a reality. This isn’t our time to turtle up, pull back, and hunker down.  It’s our time to stand up, be strong, and shine brightly in the darkness.  I have been asking the question, “How might God want us to use this for His glory and the good of the Church?” There has to be a better way to address the situation than with fear and anxiety. Fear, even a quiet and subtle fear, drains you of energy and discourages your soul.
This weekend, I am sharing a message entitled “Defeating Fear in a Pandemic.” I believe God wants to use this message to help all of us defeat the fears we are dealing with. 
Because of circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we will not meet onsite for worship at The Grace Place this weekend.  Each of our weekend worship services will be offered via livestreaming at www.thegraceplace.com/watchPlease join us online during our regular service times - Saturday at 6:00pm, and Sunday at 9:00am and 11:00am.
We know the inability to engage in regular daily activities can create a lot of special needs. Feel free to call the church office at 772-287-6388. We are here to pray with you and support you in any reasonable way we can. God bless you!  
COVID-19 restrictions have made it so we are unable to meet together for our regularly scheduled worship services. Even though our ministries are limited to primarily online connections, our fixed expenses remain the same. We still have to insure our buildings and pay our electric bills, and our staff continue to work hard to do their ministries in creative ways. 
With this, many of us may need to adjust our giving patterns. Please prayerfully keep your stewardship priorities in focus during this time. If you would like to make a safe and secure donation, take advantage of technology and do your giving online here! It is as simple as going to www.thegraceplace.com/give. Our church office is open Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, so you may bring offerings by and leave them with the receptionist. Our giving kiosks are operational in the lobby as well. You may also mail your donations directly to The Grace Place at 1550 SE Salerno Road, Stuart, FL 34997.
Please contact our bookkeeper, Peggy, at 772-287-6388 if you have any questions about giving. Thanks again for your generous support and prayers as we see God do some amazing things among us in the weeks and months ahead!


Thursdays at 4:00pm - Join us in the Celebration Center Prayer Room as we pray over specific prayer requests and for our church.

Fridays at 6:00am - Join Pastor Rick in the church lobby, and become part of what God is doing through the ministries of The Grace Place!

Saturdays at 4:00pm - Join us in the church lobby as we pray for God’s resources, expansion of our ministries, and spiritual impact.
We will look forward to seeing you next Thursday afternoon, Friday morning or Saturday afternoon!