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It’s interesting how often people say, “God told me to…” followed by some outlandish action that leads to trouble. Usually, the action is impulsive, and the person regrets it later. On the other hand, there are people who say they have heard from God and the dream seems impossible, but somehow by divine intervention it works.

Scripture is clear that God is interested in our daily lives. In fact, if we cultivate a relationship with him, then He can and does speak to us.

Sometimes, it is a message for us to encourage someone or share the gospel with them. Sometimes, it is direction for our next step in life. Other times, it might just be a word of encouragement. The Holy Spirit speaks to us in a variety of ways, and we shouldn’t limit God to one way of speaking.

Many times, we don’t hear God speaking to us because of everything going on around us. Join us this weekend and discover how to hear God's voice!