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This weekend, we are concluding our “Only God!” sermon series with a message entitled “Only God Can Do A Miracle!” I have no doubt that God is in the business of doing the unexpected and seemingly impossible! 
There are no magical formulas to conjure up miracles. Miracles happen whenever you welcome God’s powerful presence into the situations you face. Don’t worry about trying to pray perfect prayers to convince God to do something miraculous in your life. Simply invite God to work in situations where you are seeking miracles, and trust Him to answer your prayers with what is best.  
The message this weekend will help us understand what may be blocking miracles from happening in our life. Sometimes the particular miracle we’re seeking isn’t God’s will, sometimes spiritual warfare is occurring and evil is blocking a miracle from happening, sometimes we have sin in our life that is preventing a miracle from taking place, and sometimes we don’t have enough faith to believe God can really perform the miracle we’re hoping for. We must pray about each of these potential blockages, and then relax and trust that God has it covered.
In all three of our weekend services, we will be anointing with oil and praying with those who have physical, financial, relational, vocational, etc. needs. Please invite someone that needs a miracle in their life to come to church with you. This is going to be a great wrap-up for our “Only God” sermon series! 
I do hope you will make it a priority to be here this weekend. Our worship services are identical in content – Saturday at 6:00 p.m., Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. See you in church!
The day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday.” Most retailers are offering huge discounts on many popular Christmas gifts, so most of those stores are filled with shoppers. Saturday, on Thanksgiving weekend, is referred to as “Small Business Saturday,” and many small businesses in the community are offering huge discounts on their products as well. Then, Monday is “Cyber Monday” where many people use the internet to purchase Christmas gifts. Tuesday is “#GivingTuesday,” which is a day that encourages us to remember the reason we buy gifts at Christmas time is to celebrate the greatest gift ever given - the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. In the midst of the frenzied shopping that is a part of our Christmas season, #GivingTuesday reminds us that if we are celebrating the birth of our Savior we should be offering him a gift as well. What better way to do that than through a generous offering to The Grace Place Church? 
To make our weekend worship experience more enjoyable, $20,000 of your #GivingTuesday offering will be used to create a new coffee bar in the center of our lobby. The rest of the offering will help offset operational budget shortages from the weeks we did not meet our weekly budget needs. You may make your #GivingTuesday contribution online at www.thegraceplace.com/give, in the offering buckets this weekend, at one of the kiosks in the church lobby, via mail using one of our contribution envelopes, or by dropping it off at the church! We say a big THANK YOU for your expressions of love and appreciation for God’s greatest gift, His son Jesus Christ!


Thursdays at 4:00pm - Join us in the Celebration Center Prayer Room as we pray over specific prayer requests and for our church.

Fridays at 6:00am - Join Pastor Rick in the church lobby, and become part of what God is doing through the ministries of The Grace Place!

Saturdays at 4:00pm - Join us in the church lobby as we pray for God’s resources, expansion of our ministries, and spiritual impact.
We will look forward to seeing you next Thursday afternoon, Friday morning or Saturday afternoon!